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Entrepreneurship Q&A

Owner-manager firms are much better because one’s own money is at stake, advertising head Sir Martin Sorrell tells students at an event organised by the King’s Entrepreneurship Lab led by Dr Kamiar Mohaddes and Dr Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge…

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Sir Martin Sorrell.

Shifting ad focus

Advertising will shift to new 'subtler forms' as ad-free subscription platforms grow, Dr Allègre Hadida of Cambridge Judge says in new publication. Advertising will increasingly take "subtler forms, such as product placement or sponsorship" in a world that may become…

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Marketing moves centre stage

Long the Cinderella of the corporate world, marketing is playing an increasingly major role as analytics take over from intuition, and human needs shape products. Dr Shasha Lu, Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, who delivers the Digital…

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No more ‘average’ consumer

Matching advertising images to personality traits can find the most suitable image for a particular customer and help win sales, finds a new study co-authored by Dr David Stillwell of Cambridge Judge Business School. Consumers pay far more attention to…

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How effective is psychological targeting in advertising? What we can learn about you from just one click.

Dr Sandra Matz, a former PhD student at Cambridge now based at Columbia University, and her co-authors, including Dr David Stillwell from Cambridge Judge Business School, have published a new study which demonstrates that companies only need one Facebook 'Like'…

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Cambridge TV: Charitable giving

Dr Eric Levy, University Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses charitable giving and why charities should rethink their advertising strategy in order to boost donations. A new study co-authored by Eric found that likelihood to donate to…

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Creative management

We are all born creative; however, Dr Allègre Hadida, University Lecturer in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues that in the work environment we are not all creative equals. In some, creativity flourishes while others learn to suppress their…

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Maurice Levy, Publicis Groupe: From national to global

Maurice Levy, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, and Kevin Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, are definitely "opposites" who attract. Together they have built up a successful global brand which dominates the world of advertising. It was,…

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