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The Africa and Middle East Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

African and Middle East alternative finance markets totaled more than $475 million in 2013-2015, with growth of 59 per cent to $242 million in 2015, says inaugural report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, in partnership with Energy4Impact, UKAid…

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Crowdfund Insider: New report on crowdfunding in Africa

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and Financial Sector Deepening Africa have partnered to research alternative finance market in Africa. Kieran Garvey, Policy Programme Manager at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Cambridge Judge Business School, said the report highlighted…

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Crowdfunding in East Africa

East Africa requires regulatory framework and attention to harness the potential of crowdfunding while addressing consumer risks, says new report in partnership with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. Crowdfunding in East Africa currently has no specific regulations or policies,…

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The digital revolution in public services

Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes on how to do more with less for more. Over four billion people around the globe - more than half the world's population - live outside the formal economy…

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AGRIinsight and Arcus Global join forces

Cambridge Judge alumni collaborate to launch online platform mapping agribusiness in Africa. AGRIinsight and Arcus Global have announced a new partnership to provide an online mapping platform to support agribusiness investment in the developing world, which will reduce the cost…

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Nigeria’s time has come – but are its leaders up to the task?

Nigeria is experiencing some of the fastest economic growth on the continent. With a newly elected president, the triumph of democracy and a young population, many commentators reckon Nigeria's time has come. But are its leaders, both political and business,…

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Shanghai Daily: The Global Search for Education: An Education in Africa

Educating girls is a very powerful tool for ending global poverty. Ann Cotton is the Founder and President of Camfed, a world renowned non-profit organisation tackling poverty and inequality in sub-Saharan Africa. Her internationally acclaimed work has become a significant…

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Doing business in Lagos: meeting the challenges of extreme urbanisation

Lagos – exciting, buzzing, a beacon for startups and the arts? Or chaotic, dangerous, with high crime rates and a forever-dropping internet connection? Whatever you think of Nigeria's biggest city, there's no denying that millions of people want to live…

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Nadia Denton, Author: The Nigerian filmmaker’s guide to success

Nadia Denton, the author of The Nigerian filmmaker's guide to success: beyond Nollywood about the Nigerian film industry, talks to Cambridge Judge Business School's Dr Allègre Hadida. Nadia Denton is a member of BAFTA with considerable film industry experience. She…

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Cambridge Network: Don’t start with the technology, start with the people

"There are considerable healthcare challenges entrenched in the developing world," says Isaac Holeman, a current PhD candidate and Gates Scholar at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-founded Medic Mobile. In this podcast, Isaac talks about "the challenges facing healthcare workers in…

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