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Andrei Kirilenko

Society before profit

Tech industry patent scheme is model for coronavirus vaccines, says Dr Andrei Kirilenko, Reader in Finance. The race to find a vaccine and treatments for COVID-19 has brought together companies, universities and governments to share knowledge at an unprecedented rate,…

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Financial Times: Volatility: how ‘algos’ changed the rhythm of the market

“It was a wake-up call,” says Andrei Kirilenko, former chief economist at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission who wrote the US regulator’s report on the 2010 event and now leads Imperial College London’s Centre for Global Finance and Technology. “The…

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Raconteur: Cryptocurrency: restoring reputation for the future

If change is to come, Dr Andrei Kirilenko, director of the Centre for Global Finance and Technology at Imperial College Business School in London, says: “There are two scenarios; a negative and a positive one. The negative one is where…

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The Telegraph: What can blockchain technology offer business?

It’s early days for blockchain adoption, but academics have also spotted its potential. Professor Andrei Kirilenko of the centre for global finance and technology at Imperial College Business School thinks that supply chains are ready for an overhaul. He suggests…

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The Guardian: The eight technologies every entrepreneur should know about

Blockchain is best known as the ledger that records all bitcoin transactions. But entrepreneurs have spotted there are many uses of blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) and investment is pouring in. Prof Andrei Kirilenko of Imperial College Business School…

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The New Yorker: New ways to crash the market

In the popular imagination, investing is about economic fundamentals. Investors scrutinize companies, weighing factors like cash flow, product lineup, and merger plans. They keep in mind general stuff like interest-rate hikes and what’s happening to the dollar. But most trading…

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Financial Times: Digital world offers opportunities to break the job mould

Andrei Kirilenko, head of Imperial College’s Centre for Global Finance and Technology, believes technology will alter things a great deal for women, not least in fintech. “My feeling is that women are particularly well positioned to benefit from the fintech…

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The New York Times: All public comments are welcome. Then what?

Do federal regulators really pay attention to public comments before they adopt new rules? A group of researchers says it has developed a tool that can answer that question — with the goal of providing an extra layer of accountability…

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The Wall Street Journal: Do regulators listen to public? Study says yes

A trio of math and finance professors has created a computerized program to test whether regulators listen to the public when crafting new regulations. The simple answer: Yes. How they reach that conclusion is far less straightforward. The program, which…

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