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Andy Cosh

Research Horizons: How to tend an economic bonfire

University of Cambridge academics are sharing their insights and research to support the sustainable growth of the Greater Cambridge area. Dr Andy Cosh, Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge, has created the Cambridge Cluster…

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Cambridge Network: New data reveals remarkable growth of Cambridge companies

New Cambridge growth data released by Cambridge Ahead highlights a record of remarkable growth during 2014/15, with Cambridge companies enjoying a 7.7 per cent increase in turnover – which now stands at £33 billion – and a 7.7 per cent…

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Cambridge News: Cambridge’s massive growth revealed

New data shows that companies in Cambridge are growing. Dr Andy Cosh, Assistant Director of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, was working on the data that shows Cambridge firms had an increase in turnover and…

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UK~IRC Project Leader contributes to ESRC’s Re-igniting Growth report

Research findings on achieving long-term economic recovery The Re-igniting Growth report examines some of the challenges the UK faces after the economic downturn and explores a range of initiatives or challenges to policy that could help kickstart growth. The report…

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Society Now: Innovation and the credit crunch

Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are of great importance to the economy overall. How are they faring in a climate of reduced demand for goods and services and retreat from risk by credit providers, asks Andy Cosh. Read the…

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Financial Times: Drop in demand is chief concern

Access to bank loans is far less of a concern to most small business owners than the worsening outlook for customer spending, a study by Cambridge University academics has found ... Andy Cosh, who led the study at Cambridge's Centre…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2006

What helps business absorb knowledge and does this capacity vary across the regions of the UK? 1 December 2006 New research findings will be presented by Michael Kitson, Research Associate of the Centre for Business Research and University Lecturer in…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2005

The Wal-Mart model: is it sustainable? 1 December 2005 Wal-Mart has just been the subject of a week of events in the US run by a campaign group concerned about Wal-Mart's corporate citizenship and its treatment of employees. Now new…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2004

CBR research casts new light on UK innovation process 25 November 2004 CBR research that was presented at a major conference in Edinburgh on November - and covered by the Financial Times the same day - has shed new light…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2003

Learning from Enron; what makes entrepreneurs tick; and the saga of Britain's managerial skills shortage... 17 October 2003 Why we might be learning the wrong lessons from the collapse of Enron; what Britain's high-tech entrepreneurs are really like; and the…

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