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Yahoo Finance: Apple employees claim they’re doing ‘exceptional work’ remotely as Tim Cook orders them back. They’re probably wrong

A study co-authored by Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, is mentioned in this article about Apple wanting its employees back in the office. The study found that remote work is leading to a…

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The Conversation: Can an Apple search engine ever compete with Google?

An article written by Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and alumnus (MBA 2012) of Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the differences between an Apple search engine and Google. He writes: “Google’s dominance on internet search will not come to…

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More haste, less speed: from invention to innovation

Necessity, goes the adage, is the mother of invention. Alas, mere invention is not good enough these days. Far more important is converting inventions into innovations: namely, products and services that improve consumers' lives and firms' performance. Just ask Steve…

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