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artificial intelligence (AI)

Crowdfund Insider: New partnership for Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at Cambridge Judge Business School has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to launch a research project addressing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in financial services. Bryan Zhang, Executive Director of the CCAF, said:…

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Business Weekly: Cambridge brains bid to revolutionise UK healthcare by maximising AI technology

The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School and the Eastern Academic Health Science Network (Eastern AHSN) are sponsoring a new programme that brings together the health sector, universities and the tech industry to use artificial intelligence to tackle major…

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LSE: Don’t fall into the AI doomsday trap

Professor Mark Esposito, Fellow at the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-authored an article on artificial intelligence explaining why we should not be afraid of the new technology and how we could benefit in the long run.…

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Venturing forth: Kos Technologies Artificial Intelligence (KOS Ai)

For most of us, caring for wounds is a matter of applying a bit of antiseptic to a cut finger and slapping on a bandage. But for Jerence Go, an Executive MBA participant at Cambridge Judge Business School (EMBA 2017),…

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Artificial intelligence and big data consulting: doing black magic with the world’s ‘new oil’?

Lead Data Scientist at BCG Gamma consulting and Cambridge MBA alumnus, Iman Karimi (MBA 2010), talks about big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and its impact on society and companies. A conversation with Cambridge MBA Executive Director Conrad Chua…

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Entrepreneurship and the MBA.

Five things marketing professionals need to know about visual data

Want to improve business performance? Here are five things about visual data that marketing professionals should know, says Dr Shasha Lu, University Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Shasha Lu Visual images are a big part of…

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Algorithms & work

The implications of learning algorithms in the workplace pose difficult issues of control and morality. Dr Stella Pachidi of Cambridge Judge Business School discusses these dilemmas in a new research paper. Learning algorithms have already reshaped many businesses, from retailing…

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Algorithms codes.

Automation, AI and the future of jobs

Will automation, AI and robotics mean a jobless future, or will their productivity free us to innovate and explore? Is the impact of new technologies to be feared, or a chance to rethink the structure of our working lives and…

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2018 Brainfood: Automation AI and future of jobs. Humans need not apply

Experts from the University of Cambridge discuss how AI and automation will affect our work. Dr Stella Pachidi, University Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, thinks that changes in work are happening as a result of “algorithmication”…

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World Economic Forum: The two big uncertainties shaping our future

The concept of critical uncertainty will allow people to look at the future differently and become more resilient to the challenges, writes Olivier Woeffray. There is now uncertainty around artificial intelligence and who will own this capability, says Mark Esposito,…

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