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Cambridge Independent: How Owlstone’s HR rolled out an award-winning suite of enterprise skills on Cambridge Science Park

Lizzy Burke, VP of HR at Owlstone Medical – winner of the 2022 Enterprise Skills Award sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School – speaks about the Owlstone Medical Learning and Development programme. The award reflects the…

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In memory of Professor Sucheta Nadkarni

2022 award winners are announced for The Strategic Management Society’s Sucheta Nadkarni Award for Outstanding Publication on Women Executive Leadership, sponsored by Cambridge Judge, and The Phillips and Nadkarni Award for Outstanding Paper on Diversity and Cognition. It is three…

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Sucheta Nadkarni.

India Education Diary: University of Cambridge – Vice Chancellor’s awards for research impact and engagement 2022

Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management at Cambridge Judge Business School and Director of the Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise, has won the Collaboration Award from the University of Cambridge’s Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Research Impact and…

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Cambridge Judge honourees in prestigious University of Cambridge awards

Stefan Scholtes of Cambridge Judge Business School wins Collaboration Award in the Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Research Impact and Engagement for work on the COVID pandemic. Khaled Soufani of Cambridge Judge is runner-up in Established Academic Award for work in…

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St John's College, Cambridge. The Utilize Project wins award for Best Social Enterprise startup

The Utilize Project, a startup founded by Mahmud Shahnawaz, EMBA alumnus of Cambridge Judge Business School, has won an award for Best Social Enterprise. Since its foundation in 2019, the startup has helped to home over 80 SMEs and community…

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Academic’s lifetime contribution to the film industry recognised

Dr Allègre Hadida of Cambridge Judge is awarded Lifetime Achievement award at the 24th Mallen Film Conference for research in the motion picture industry.  Dr Allègre Hadida, Associate Professor of Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, has been awarded a…

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Allègre Hadida of Cambridge Judge is awarded Lifetime Achievement award.

From electronics to analytics: Cambridge companies applauded

Several firms with ties to Cambridge Judge Business School won top honours at the awards organised by the publication Business Weekly. Several companies who have received support from Cambridge Judge Business School were honoured in the Business Weekly awards held…

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Business Weekly award winners 2022.

Why flaws can pay: entrepreneurs need not seem perfect in seeking investors

Entrepreneurs who expose flaws like insecurity can boost investment by attracting investors with similar flaws, finds study co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge that won a top Academy of Management award. Dr Jochen Menges The stereotype of an…

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Stressed young woman waiting for job interview.

Cambridge Independent: #21toWatch 2023 opens for nominations as it is revealed that Top21 winners have raised more than £250m

Nominations to the #21toWatch 2023 awards have been opened. The awards recognise world-class science and technology entrepreneurs, start-ups and ground-breaking innovation from across Cambridge and the East of England. Among the first three entrants to qualify and accept the nominations…

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Using mangrove forests to fight climate change: the award-winning idea from a Cambridge MBA partnership

The winners of the 2022 Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge, John Ambler (MBA 2021) and William Maxted (MBA 2021), talk mangrove forests, improving people’s lives, and team spirit on the Cambridge MBA programme. Hurricane Matthew’s effect on a coastal conservationist…

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Mangrove forest and shallow waters on a tropical island.