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Beneficial wrongdoing

Negative media coverage of investment bank conduct around the financial crisis actually increased their likelihood of IPO invitations because it signalled shared values to corporate customers, finds new study at Cambridge Judge Business School. Ever since the financial meltdown a…

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The Economist: Naughty investment banks win more IPO business

A study by Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge, finds that Wall Street’s sins have a surprising side-effect: press reports of bad behaviour by investment banks during and after the financial crisis were good…

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Bank default measurement

Study co-authored by Professor Turalay Kenc, a Pembroke Visiting Scholar at Cambridge Judge Business School, develops a new model to measure bank default risk during volatile periods. A new study co-authored by Professor Turalay Kenc, a Pembroke Visiting Scholar at…

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Finextra: One-third of central banks plan to invest in new markets and asset classes

Seeking better returns in a low-yield environment, central banks are undertaking a “gradual but definite expansion” of investment and trading activity beyond their conventional boundaries, says a new report published by BNY Mellon in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School.…

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Inc: Eight trends in 2018

Blockchain technology will continue to trend this year, according to an article in Inc. magazine. A recent study by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge found that “even conservative central banks are upbeat about blockchain technology and…

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Irish Examiner: Banks have to move fast to restore faith

A report by the Centre of Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School is featured in the article. The report, co-authored by Professor Michael Pollitt and Professor Ian Jones, looks on how UK banks, including Barclays, Lloyds, TSB and Santander,…

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Central banks are trialling blockchain

Central banks and other public sector institutions are actively involved in distributed ledger technology experiments and trials, finds the first Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. Interest in enterprise blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)…

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Brains and machines

Elisabetta Osta, Managing Director for Information, Insights and Innovation at Barclays and a Visiting Fellow in Marketing at Cambridge Judge, talks about motivation, mentoring and consumer behaviour. I've always been fascinated by how our brains work. My background is behavioural…

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Citi EMEA director on finance career expectations

Cambridge Judge Business School alumna Irina Kim talks about corporate banking, career boosting and the current financial job market. Irina Kim, the London-based Regional Relationship Director for Citigroup Europe, Middle East and Africa, was a member of the Cambridge Judge's…

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Banking wisdom: flexibility is important in a fast-changing world

Senior roles at Citigroup, the Bank of England and now Standard Chartered Bank has taught Chris Daniels the importance of an open mind. It's really important to be flexible. I initially studied medicine, then became a lawyer and then went…

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