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Banking wisdom: flexibility is important in a fast-changing world

Senior roles at Citigroup, the Bank of England and now Standard Chartered Bank has taught Chris Daniels the importance of an open mind. It's really important to be flexible. I initially studied medicine, then became a lawyer and then went…

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The deal-maker: what it takes to lead the way

From his place at the top table of British banking, Sir Simon Robertson has worked with and for some of the biggest names in the world of corporate finance. I am proud to belong to a rather exclusive club of…

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Predicting crisis

'Incident Dashboard' helps Barclays predict whether incidents may snowball into big issues, as discussed at Cambridge Trust in Banking conference. Just about every adult, at some point, encounters a bank’s automatic teller machine (ATM) that doesn't work. Some people might…

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Five things that customers of conventional banks should envy about Islamic finance

Recent regulations make switching banks easier. But have you ever thought about switching to a whole different banking system, one that can't charge interest and must treat customers fairly? When it comes to better banking Islamic finance has a lot…

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Don’t trust your bank? Don’t sweat it. Because in 2016 the things that matter are competence, diligence and accuracy.

Alex Oliver is a philosopher. He works on logic, metaphysics and the philosophy of mathematics. His pastimes include cryptic crosswords and reggae music. He lives in Cambridge and has two children and a chocolate Labrador. You would never suppose that…

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Averting the next crisis: why some banks are taking a revolutionary approach to training

Sir Paul Tucker, chairman of the Systemic Risk Council and former deputy governor of the Bank of England, thinks central bankers will need to be experts in both financial economic and macroeconomics to protect the global economy from a future…

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How this Buddhist is transforming banking

There's so much more to finance than just returns, says alternative finance expert Tiara Letourneau (MFin 2014). She believes that, used wisely, financial systems can make the world a better place, on both an individual and a global level. Read…

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Beware the grey areas: how to create banking standards for good market practice

It’s no secret that banking has had to clean up its act, and quickly. The culture of the industry has been severely criticised – yet with no baseline standards in place it has been tricky to define what “good behaviour”…

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The return of ethical banking – why banks must put social purpose at the heart of their strategy

Banks that fail to adopt fully an ethical agenda will be vulnerable to long-term decline. That is the stark warning from researchers Jens van 't Klooster and Marco Meyer, whose new study argues that the banking sector needs to embrace…

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How banks can show us they really care

Making good use of innovations from the FinTech revolution is a great way for banks to restore customers' trust. Smartphones, smart apps and smart entrepreneurs have the power to restore our trust in the banking industry – but only if…

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