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big data analytics and quantitative social science

Racounter: Faced with complex challenges, CEOs hit the books

Conrad Chua, Executive Director of the MBA Programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in this article about universities adapting their MBA programmes to respond to the latest challenges. “If I compare what we’re doing now to five years…

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The Week: The arguments for and against swearing

A study co-authored by David Stillwell, Professor of Computational Social Science and Academic Director of the Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, is mentioned in an article about swearing, after BBC was forced to issue a swift apology for…

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Five things marketing professionals need to know about visual data

Want to improve business performance? Here are five things about visual data that marketing professionals should know, says Dr Shasha Lu, University Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Shasha Lu Visual images are a big part of…

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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: News

Sandra Matz, a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge’s Psychology Department, discusses the new study that says that money can buy you happiness if spending fits your personality. The study was authored by Sandra, Joe Gladstone, a Research Associate…

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The Telegraph: Money CAN buy happiness – if you spend in the right way

A new study from University of Cambridge looked at almost 77,000 transactions of 625 participants and found that people who spent more on purchases that matched their personality were happiest. The study was authored by Sandra Matz, a PhD candidate…

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HR Magazine: Can software profile people better than HR?

Rob Gray investigates how software and digital data can be used in HR, i.e. for screening job applications. The article mentions a study by Dr David Stillwell, University Lecturer in Big Data Analytics & Quantitative Social Science at Cambridge Judge.…

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