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Gender diversity in the boardroom

Can the target set by Lord Davies to drive up the recruitment of female board members by 2015 be achieved? The campaign to recruit more women to the boards of Britain's leading companies is welcome but may have to be…

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Sandra Dawson.

Clinical leadership

The recent Darzi report recommends an increase in clinical leadership in the NHS. Whilst Professor Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, believes it is important to have more clinicians on the board, he…

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2009 podcast scholtes clinical leadership

Women in business – are the days of macho management numbered?

Do men and women really have different management styles? Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, KPMG Professor of Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks about why she believes we need more women in the boardroom, her thoughts on why this should…

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2009 podcast dawson are the days of macho management

Jack Keenan, Grand Cru Consulting: Sustainability and corporate governance

Corporations and governments are having to face up to the new challenges of how to operate in a global business environment where the financial sector is broken and needs fixing, and protecting the environment is a major concern for all.…

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Mr jack keenan