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How can the ‘Space Value of Money’ boost sustainability?

A new book by Dr Armen Papazian, a PhD graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School, outlines a new financial modelling framework that integrates sustainability into the very core of finance. Dr Armen Papazian The book entitled The Space Value of…

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Earth globe in space with cartoony grass continents and glowing atmosphere. (La Nacion): Demonised industries – why people choose to work in companies with a bad reputation

Payment is a lever that might work for some positions and some people, but not for everyone. And it hardly satisfies as a psychological explanation. "Yes, I work for a hideous company, but at least the pay is great," isn't…

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The Economist: Why employees want to work in vilified industries

A book by Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, entitled “The Power of Being Divisive”, points out that employees of demonised firms are often proud to be on the payroll. A study by Thomas…

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What are the fintech challenges for Asia?

A new book from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Asian Development Bank Institute and Asian Development Bank looks at how the pandemic accelerated digital technology in finance.  The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge Judge…

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Woman uses advanced financial technology.

Irish Tech News: Born digital: what impact does tech & social media have on gen z – and how can we protect society from it?

A very topical book, looking at how technology is impacting on all of us, and the differing impacts, depending on whether we are Gen X, Y, Z or millennials, the article says. The book is Born Digital: The Story of…

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Global Times: 2030 will see China become a wealthy country

There have been many surprising events taking place in China over the past decade, and by 2030, China will become a country where everybody is richer, and where the digital economy is pervasive everywhere. This is what Mauro Guillén, dean…

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New book asks why ever more is spent on mergers when so many fail

Mergers are constructed by talented executives, lawyers, bankers and advisers, yet most deals fail. A new book The Merger Mystery, co-authored by Geoff Meeks of Cambridge Judge Business School, outlines the reasons why. Mergers of firms have boomed over the…

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A failure to merge.

The Guardian: Meet the rebellious researchers embracing rap, magic and circus acts

Academics rise against the conventions of higher education, such as scholarly journals and conferences, in a new book titled Doing Rebellious Research in and Beyond the Academy, says article. The book includes the Academy of Magic and Science, co-created by…

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According to researchers calling for a “rebellion” against traditional forms of output, Hip-hop poetry, magic and circus acts should be embraced by academics to make their work more effective and help them spread their findings among a wider audience, the…

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Cambridge Independent: Ken Banks revels in extraordinary pursuit of life as a social innovator in new book

Ken Banks, visiting Fellow in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School and author of The Pursuit of Purpose, says his book presents a snapshot of a unique time in humanity’s wheelhouse when technology met social entrepreneurship – and the role…

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