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Mindfulness at work: why it matters

More mindful employees perceive their job as less boring and are less likely to quit, says a study co-authored by Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge Business School. How mindfulness impacts quality of work Dr Jochen Menges In monotonous jobs, “mindful”…

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Monotonous tasks may be made easier using mindfulness.

Family ties

Stuck in a boring job? Doing it for your family can make it meaningful, finds study co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge. Boredom is a serious and common problem at work. It can make work feel meaningless, reduce…

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The Sunday Business Post: Beating boredom at work

Dr Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about boredom at work and how to deal with it. “There are some obvious fixes – such as job rotation, or a training programme to…

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