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brain drain

How emerging-market firms grow in developed markets – CJBS paper wins research excellence award

An article on 'indirect learning' abroad by firms in developing markets co-authored by Professor Jaideep Prabhu of Cambridge Judge wins global marketing award from the American Marketing Association. Dr Jaideep Prabhu An article about firms in developing markets co-authored by…

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‘Indirect’ learning

Concern about executive 'brain drain' from developing countries is misplaced. 'Indirect' learning in mature markets crucial to developing-country firms' growth, says research co-authored at Cambridge Judge. Concern about a "brain drain" of executives from developing countries who work in mature…

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The Wall Street Journal: The surprising secret of India’s success could be its brain drain

For decades, developing country governments have struggled with the "brain drain." But research co-authored by Jaideep Prabhu at Cambridge Judge Business School suggests the dreaded brain drain can actually be a good thing as it helps upgrade a country's talent-pool…

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