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Business opportunities and challenges in Brazil (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Taxes and bureaucracy pose problems, but the investor climate has improved. Micheal Kitson This month's Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast was recorded in Brazil, as part of the international business trip of the Executive MBA (EMBA) class of 2018 of…

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Amazon rowers relive – and thank their supporters at special reception

Our brave rowers, Mark de Rond and Anton Wright, relived their experiences and thanked all their many supporters at a Row the Amazon thank you reception at Cambridge Judge Business School. The duo roved the length of Amazon in just…

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Conquerors of the Amazon

Mark de Rond and Anton Wright talk for the first time about their record-breaking row along the navigable waters of the River Amazon, a journey in excess of 2,000 miles. They survived storms, massive river barges, and were forced to…

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Epic Amazon row ends

Guinness World Record smashed by Cambridge rowers The adventure of a lifetime is over for Amazon rowers Mark de Rond and Anton Wright. The pair picked up their Guinness World Record certificate at the British Consulate in Sao Paulo yesterday…

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2013 news epicamazonrowends

They’ve done it! Amazon rowers Mark and Anton reach the end of epic adventure

The quick-witted thinking of a 14-year-old Brazilian boy rescued Cambridge Judge Business School's Mark de Rond and Clare College rowing coach Anton Wright close to the end of their Amazon rowing marathon. For thirty days we’ve hardly eaten and we’ve…

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Amazon rowers on the last stretch

The Brazilian coast and the end of an epic adventure are in sight for Amazon rowers Mark de Rond and Anton Wright Mark and Anton are on the final stretch of a 2,077 mile row that began four weeks ago…

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End in sight for Cambridge Amazon rowers

Mark de Rond and Anton Wright are closing in on their aim to be the first unsupported team to row the Amazon. They have completed more than three quarters of the 2,077 navigable miles of the rivers in less than…

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The sky’s the limit: Raspberry Pi goes for Brazil, India and China

The tiny, credit card-sized computer, Raspberry Pi, has outsold the targets predicted by its Cambridge-based designers, reaching a million sales in 12 months. In its second year the Raspberry Pi Foundation hopes to continue selling at current volumes in existing…

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BRICS and beyond (CIBAM Global Business Symposium)

The CIBAM July 2011 Global Business Symposium on 'BRICS and Beyond' adventured into the unknown territory of which economies will be dominant when the pages of the future are turned to 2050! It also celebrated 15 years of collaboration with…

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Cibam 2011 global business symposium

Dr Gabriel Palma, University of Cambridge: Brazil: steady as she goes

Dr Gabriel Palma, University Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, says Brazil will grow at a steady rate of three to four per cent a year, comparing well with Europe, Japan and the US, but not…

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