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Dr Gabriel Palma, University of Cambridge: Brazil: steady as she goes

Dr Gabriel Palma, University Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, says Brazil will grow at a steady rate of three to four per cent a year, comparing well with Europe, Japan and the US, but not…

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2010 podcast palma steady as she goes

Kirill Slavin, Slavin & Associates: Damning kleptocracy

State ownership and meddling is interfering with Russia's stock market, but investors should definitely take advantage of Russia's low stock prices says Kirill Slavin, Director of Slavin & Associates. He explains why Russia's stocks are the world's cheapest and why…

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2012 podcast slavin damning kleptocracy

Professor Suma Athreye, Brunel Business School: The race for patents

Professor Suma Athreye, Director of the Centre for International Business and Strategy in Emerging Markets at Brunel Business School, says India takes out fewer patents than China but they are of a higher quality and both nations have very different…

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2012 podcast athreye race for patents

Professor Peter Williamson, Cambridge Judge Business School: Advantage China

Professor Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, says those 'dragons' at our door, will reshape global competitions through their 'can do' attitudes and the speed at which their engineers can bring competitive products and new…

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Professor peter williamson

Cristina Pearson, WPP, and Eduardo Tomiya, BrandAnalytics: Brazil’s blue skies

Cristiana Pearson, WPP's Millward Brown Optimor, and Mr Eduardo Tomiya, Managing Director of BrandAnalytics give their verdict on the growth of Brazil and its climb up the world's rankings.…

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2012 podcast optimor tomiya brazil blue skies

Dr Christos Pitelis, Cambridge Judge Business School: The world’s biggest economy?

Crystal ball-gazing, Dr Christos Pitelis, Director of CIBAM, says if you consider 'China and the rise of the BRICs', China's path is now clearly set for it to overtake the USA and become the biggest economy in the world in…

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Dr christos pitelis

Being a ‘good BRIC’: how the rising BRIC economies can be a win-win for the global economy

As the "are we"/"aren't we" debate continues around Britain's early or late emergence from the global recession it is clear that the so-called "BRIC" economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China are proving somewhat more resilient to the global economic…

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2009 podcast how the rising bric economies