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business models

Sustainable accounting

David Pitt-Watson, who has been Pembroke Visiting Professor of Finance and Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge, talks about a campaign to stop companies benefiting from 'stranded assets' that unduly inflate profits. by David Pitt-Watson Most people, most governments, and indeed…

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Round and round

Four strategies have emerged in academic studies on the "circular business model", says article co-authored by Khaled Soufani, Director of the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge. Dr Khaled Soufani The "circular" business model is a relatively new concept in…

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Lessons from Fair Trade Organisations

Dr Bob Doherty and Dr Helen Haugh share relevant insights for businesses, policy makers and civil society organisations from their latest research project on Fair Trade Organisations.…

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Financial Times: Why businesses need to embrace discontinuity

“Discontinuous” transformation rather than a leisurely pace of change will be needed at many businesses in the COVID-19 era, Dr Kishore Sengupta, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School says in a Financial Times article. “Such radical reassessment…

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Freeze-Assess-Rebuild: how businesses can navigate the coronavirus “fog of war”

A three-part policy of Freeze-Assess-Rebuild can help businesses navigate the uncertain 'fog of war' posed by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, says Dr Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Thomas Roulet Societies are rightly proud of their resilience. Londoners…

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SimOmics’ virtual laboratory reduces need for animal testing

If you'd told Professor Jon Timmis five years ago that his career was about to take a turn into entrepreneurship, he'd have laughed in disbelief. As Head of Electronic Engineering at the north of England's University of York, with a…

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Business model innovation goes online

Traditional business models are under increasing pressure, from changes in the market place, rapidly developing innovation and divergent buying patterns. The most successful businesses are those that are willing to embrace change and adapt to the world around them. But…

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Why cannibalism could be good for your business

Research from Dr Philip Stiles, Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance at Cambridge Judge Business School, reveals the secrets of successfully running existing and new business models in parallel. Introducing a new business model is notoriously tricky – get the timing…

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Profit Guide: The real opportunity in big data

Small start-ups that make advanced data analysis central to their operations do better than more established SMEs that haven’t. Some businesses have created business models that are completely reliant on data. The article quotes Dr Andy Neely, director of the…

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Competitive advantage through new business models (Cambridge Service Alliance Conference)

As European economies bump along the bottom a new approach to manufacturing industries is helping to make businesses more successful in the longer term. Companies which have traditionally manufactured products are now branching out into the service sector. "The Servitisation…

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