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Financial Times: Endless innovating when it comes to R&D policy can only be unhelpful

David Connell, Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, is mentioned in this article about the importance of innovation for business growth. Read the full article []…

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South China Morning Post: Crazy Rich Asians: Post-Covid, Singapore banks woo next-generation wealth with rich kids’ boot camp

In September, Citi Bank hosted a small group of scions at Cambridge Judge Business School. There, they learned how to take over the family business, mastering emotional intelligence and leadership, and pivoting operations in face of disruption, the article says.…

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Bloomberg: Rich kids’ boot camps return as private banks woo next-gen wealth

Cambridge Judge Business School is featured in this article about next-gens learning how to take over family business. (subs) Read the full article []…

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The EMBAs teaching the art of life or death decision making

Leading on the Frontline founders and Cambridge Judge Business School graduates tell of the trials and successes of setting up a new venture while undertaking their degree and working full-time. The word 'frontline' has never been more prominent. Throughout the…

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Cambridge Judge Professor Raghu Rau appointed Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business

Professor Raghu Rau of Cambridge Judge Business School is appointed to additional role at Gresham College in London, where he will deliver a series of lectures.  Gresham College, London’s oldest higher education institution, and the Mercers’ Company announced the appointment…

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Raghavendra Rau.

WeAreTechWomen: Inspirational Woman – Simone Larsson | AI Strategy & Evangelism, Dataiku

Simone Larsson (MBA 2012) speaks about joining Dataiku as AI Evangelist and how her experience at Cambridge Judge Business School helped her career. “Around 10 years ago, I became burnt out as a consultant and decided to obtain an MBA…

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Financial Times: Responsible Business Education Awards: full shortlists

Dr Kamiar Mohaddes and Professor Christopher Marquis of Cambridge Judge Business School are named runners-up in the Financial Times Responsible Business Education Awards. Kamiar was cited for a study on the effects of climate change on sovereign creditworthiness and Christopher…

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Forbes: Fors Marsh Group takes a data-driven approach to help build consumer awareness of social impact

Christopher Marquis, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge, having joined the Business School, writes about Fors Marsh Group and how it has changed over the years. “Since becoming a Certified B Corporation in 2017, Fors Marsh Group has…

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Financial Times: Companies that pivot are best placed to prosper

Professor Mauro Guillén, Director of Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on how companies adapted during Covid-19 pandemic. Successful companies ‘tended to make lateral extensions of their existing businesses, rather than shifting into something completely new, and they had a clear…

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Think different

Director of Cambridge Judge's Entrepreneurship Centre features in the IQ magazine and in the latest podcast from the Bradfield Centre at Cambridge Science Park. An essay on "Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mind" by Bruno Cotta, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre…

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