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Cambridge MBA Concentrations

Selling sports smartly across the globe with an MBA

Once an MBA start up and now the leading sports sponsorship platform in Europe, Sponsoo is expanding further with plans that include the Cambridge Judge community. Sports sponsorship offers unrivalled opportunities to tell dramatic stories and reach highly engaged audiences.…

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Andreas Kitzing looks at a trophy.

Find MBA: Top 10 MBA programmes in Arts Management

Cambridge MBA programme is among top ten programmes in Arts Management according to Find MBA article. Cambridge MBA students can “opt to purse the programme’s concentration in Culture, Arts, and Media Management, which examines the overlap between these artistic fields…

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Keeping it in the family

Why an MBA was the next step for these family business professionals. From bullet proof cars to real estate development and diamonds, we meet the business owners for whom growing and developing their family business meant stepping out for a…

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The Arts Sector needs to retain and attract talent to survive after COVID-19

The creative arts face a decade of recovery without strong leadership and talent retention. The Cambridge MBA is creating a fresh pipeline of leaders to lift the industry out of its COVID-19 slump. What will recovery look like?  Jeremy Newton,…

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Business and arts

Jeremy Newton, CEO of the education charity Children & the Arts and a Cambridge Judge Fellow who leads the Culture, Arts & Media concentration for the Cambridge MBA, discusses the interaction of business and the arts. Jeremy Newton Jeremy Newton,…

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2018 Reasons why: Business arts.

The choice is yours: tailoring your MBA to suit you

Many MBA programmes offer electives allowing you to customise your learning, but what does personalising your MBA mean and how important is it? It is likely that you are choosing to study an MBA because you want a general business…

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Digital transformation

Bringing digital business to the core of the Cambridge MBA. An explosion of growth in digital technology, brings with it opportunities – and challenges – for current and new businesses, so how are we equipping Cambridge MBAs with the tools…

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Innovation and imagination: women entrepreneurs

As International Women's Day approaches we look at the joys and challenges of being a female entrepreneur - Cambridge MBA alumnae share their stories. In a space which is still overwhelmingly male, Cambridge MBAs with the XX chromosome are forging…

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Concentrating on health

Healthcare is under scrutiny - and strain - across the globe as rarely before. Obamacare is facing radical review by the Trump administration and the UK NHS, one of the largest in the world, is creaking under the pressure of…

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