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From EMBA to carbon cables

A project to develop lightweight carbon nanomaterials in airplanes and other transport, which originated as an Executive MBA consulting project at Cambridge Judge, wins recognition from EUREKA to develop prototype materials. An alliance to explore the potential of lightweight carbon…

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Investment Magazine: Pinpointing the price on carbon

Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the price of carbon in relation to climate change. “We have to do something to raise the costs of climate change; regulation will have a bigger…

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Carbon capture

Global learning is needed to save carbon capture and storage from being abandoned, says David Reiner of Cambridge Judge Business School. Carbon capture and storage, which is considered by many experts as the only realistic way to dramatically reduce carbon…

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2016 news carboncapture 883x432 1 Carbon capture and storage struggling to be heard amidst growing public debate over fracking

Awareness of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology remains "persistently low" amongst the British public whereas knowledge of fracking is high and growing. These low levels of awareness about CCS could potentially undermine the UK's efforts to utilise the technology…

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Carbon Capture Journal: UK study finds CCS struggling to be heard

The UK Government has ring-fenced £1 billion of public funds for capital construction of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration projects and will be committing many millions more within the next year to support operating costs. Yet, despite CCS featuring…

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London Evening Standard: Anthony Hilton: Big bonuses are really no incentive

The newspaper investigates how big bonuses impact executives' performance. The research by Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at CJBS, and his colleagues at the Universities of Utah and Purdue, is featured in the heart of the…

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António Horta-Osório, Group Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group

He's behind the turnaround in fortunes for Lloyds Banking Group, now partly owned by UK taxpayers, but what does Group Chief Executive António Horta-Osório really think went wrong? Here he tells us in his own words. Banks in the past…

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Banks must go back to their roots, Lloyds CE tells Executive MBAs

Lead by example and look after the customer were the top themes when Lloyds Group Chief Executive António Horta-Osório took questions from a group of Executive MBA students at Cambridge Judge Business School (5 February 2014). The audience of EMBAs…

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Shale gas: make polluters pay for the social cost of fracking

Article from The Conversation ( on 21 January 2014. The text reprinted here: by Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling, Cambridge Judge Business School While the prime minister has shown unequivocal support for exploiting Britain’s shale gas reserves, stating the…

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Changing European carbon markets … in one weekend

Much has been written about the challenges in Europe's carbon markets but Faisal Sultan, a Cambridge MBA, decided to tackle one oft-overlooked aspect, the poor functionality that hinders buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Over one weekend, Faisal and two…

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