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How much will climate policy impact the oil sand industry?

Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling at Cambridge Judge Business School, and School alumna Dr Aurélie Méjean, Research Fellow at CIRED (Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement) in France, have been working together on research published…

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Cambridge climate change adviser argues the EU Emission Trading System is working as designed

A recognised climate change expert and government adviser has defended the European Union's Emission Trading System (EU ETS) and says it is working as originally planned. The European Parliament has approved a plan to delay the sale of emission allowances…

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Bonus cap for euro bankers is a step forward

The European Union's move to cap bonuses at the region's largest financial institutions has been hailed as a step in the right direction but does not go far enough. Financial sector observer Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, University Lecturer in Finance…

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Cambridge News: What bankers can learn from The Hobbit

Greedy as it was, King Thrór’s hoarding of gold in The Hobbit was also “sound central banking practice” ... Mr Taylor, a finance lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School, who has studied Morton and George’s work, has been telling students…

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Dubai, gearing up for a new development boom, will need to prove to lenders and investors that this one won’t end like the last ... “They are floating a trial balloon to see how the market responds,” said Jim Krane,…

Read more Long Day Sin’s new song ‘American Made’ tackles imbalance of fairness and profitability in American financial services

Consumer credit services in America are seldom associated with fairness. The assumptions are banks cannot make money by being fair to customers and fairness is only possible through government regulations ... Professor Christoph Loch, Director of Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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The Guardian: Doha climate talks: should rich countries shoulder ‘responsibility’ for carbon cuts?

The UN's Ban Ki-moon says rich countries should bear most of the responsibility for climate change. Leo Hickman, with your help, investigates ... Below, in the reader comments, Dr Chris Hope, a reader in policy modelling at the University of…

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The Financial: Ana Botín, CEO of Santander UK, visits Cambridge Judge Business School

Santander UK’s Chief Executive Officer, Ana Botín, visited Cambridge Judge Business School on Thursday 8 November to give a talk as part of the MBA Cambridge Leadership Seminars series..." Read the full article []…

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The International News: Mobile operators expanding financial outreach: Dr Loch

Dr Christoph H Loch, director at Cambridge Judge Business School, finds innovative the creation of branchless banking business in Pakistan by mobile phone operators, saying it is helping banks in advancing services and their reach to public..." Read the full…

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Leaner Western banks face slow growth

After two decades of excessive development, Western banks are going through a shrinkage process and will emerge as less exciting and facing slow growth, forecasts University Lecturer in Finance Dr Simon Taylor. In an interview for Cambridge Judge Business School’s…

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