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Knowing your value

How women can close the pay negotiation gap. Recent discussions on the gender pay gap have surfaced another gender disparity – the negotiation gap. On International Women's Day we look at how female MBAs can hone their bargaining skills and…

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GCP your career: how your Global Consulting Project (GCP) can springboard you into that dream job

It's a consulting project within your MBA year, but the GCP can also open interesting new opportunities for future employment. When Cambridge MBA alumnus Hemant Mohapatra joined Google at their San Francisco HQ he found himself immediately put to work…

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Making networks work for you

Every networking opportunity is a chance to meet someone who could change your life. Three students and alumni tell us how networking while on the Cambridge MBA changed it for them. It's been a long day in the lecture theatre…

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MBAs leaping into new careers

The 'triple jump', changing sector, location and job function, is one of the most ambitious things an MBA can hope for - so how have 40 per cent of the recent Cambridge MBA cohort made it happen? Time to evaluate…

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Citi EMEA director on finance career expectations

Cambridge Judge Business School alumna Irina Kim talks about corporate banking, career boosting and the current financial job market. Irina Kim, the London-based Regional Relationship Director for Citigroup Europe, Middle East and Africa, was a member of the Cambridge Judge's…

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Cambridge MFin graduates report 93% employment success

The most recent Cambridge Master of Finance (MFin) graduates report strong levels of post-graduation employment, with 93 per cent employed three months after completing the programme, for a second year running. Despite increasingly competitive finance job markets, MFin students succeeded…

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Albert Hakkers, Diageo: Talent and career dynamics

A Centre for International Business and Management (CIBAM) panel discussion entitled 'Job Mismatch and the Pursuit of Talent' prompted a variety of views from academics and business leaders. It's all about matching needs with what is available; however the best…

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