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central banks

The European: The ultimate disruption

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin still have a long way to go in order to become widely accepted, though the situation can change if central banks get involved. According to a 2017 report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, “40 per…

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BNY Mellon: Central banks (cautious) innovation in search of yield

Central banks are cautiously expanding their investment and trading activities. Marvin Vervaart, Regional Product Manager and Managing Director at YBM Mellon, highlights top finding of report produced in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School. The report entitled Central Banks 2018:…

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World Finance: Policing the ICO highway

As more and more blockchain companies start offering their own cryptocurrencies, regulators are now working on policies aiming to control the market. Some countries, including China, Estonia and Uruguay, are currently experimenting with digital currencies and might release their own…

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Central banks branch out

Central banks undertake 'gradual but definite expansion' of investment activities that look beyond their traditional boundaries, says report by BNY Mellon in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School. Seeking better returns in a low-yield environment, central banks are undertaking a…

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2018 Brainfood: central banks branch out.

Inc: Eight trends in 2018

Blockchain technology will continue to trend this year, according to an article in Inc. magazine. A recent study by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge found that “even conservative central banks are upbeat about blockchain technology and…

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New MFin scholarship for central bankers will boost expertise

Financial crisis highlighted need for financial know-how among regulators. Cambridge Judge Business School is launching a new scholarship for employees at central banks to study for the Master of Finance (MFin) degree in Cambridge. The scholarship is aimed at boosting…

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