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Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise (CCHLE)

Opioid intervention

'Second opinion' by another prescribing doctor within 30 days of an opioid prescription reduces long-term opioid use by 31%, concludes a new study led at Cambridge Judge Business School. A "second opinion" by another prescribing doctor within 30 days of…

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High angle view of a prescription bottled filled with pills surrounded by more of the same tablets, with copy space,

The Times of India: Punjab cinemas, gyms can open at 50% capacity

Further press coverage for new COVID Tracker system for India based on a recently published paper by Dr Paul Kattuman. The state chief secretary Vini Mahajan cited a University of Cambridge Judge Business School report of June 14, on Growth…

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South Asia Monitor: India’s Covid cases have peaked, reflects Cambridge tracker

A further coverage of a new Covid-19 Tracker system for India based on a recently published paper by Dr Paul Kattuman, Reader in Economics, at Cambridge Judge Business School. according to the tracker, the number of new coronavirus infections in…

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COVID-19 in India

A new weekly CJBS COVID-19 Tracker for India, developed by Cambridge Judge Business School and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research working with Health Systems Transformation Platform in India, provides forecasts of the pandemic’s trajectory based on a…

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Young Indian women wearing pollution mask against Coronavirus or COVID-19 and standing on rooftop at home in Delhi, India.

Management Science Review Blog: A route to decomplexifying hospitals

“Hospitals are some of the most managerially intractable institutions in the annals of capitalism.” This is the stark conclusion that Clayton Christensen, Grossman and Hwang draw in their seminal book The Innovator’s Prescription, write co-authors Michael Freeman, Nicos Savva, and…

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Tracking pandemics

New study co-authored by Dr Paul Kattuman of Cambridge Judge develops new time series models to predict epidemic trajectories before they reach peak. A new study co-authored by Dr Paul Kattuman, Reader in Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, develops…

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3D data visualisation of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus across Europe.

Coronavirus research

Working with Public Health England and the NHS in the East of England on responses to COVID-19 (coronavirus). A team of a dozen faculty and PhD students at Cambridge Judge Business School is working with Public Health England and the…

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Coronavirus research.

Physician heal thyself: engineering a new national health system

The National Health Service turned 70 in 2018 – but, amid the celebrations, its health is faltering. By working closely with local hospitals and GPs, researchers at the University of Cambridge are developing bold new ideas they believe will help…

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Forget the TV drama, it’s routine care that leaves our NHS hospitals with constipation

For many lucky people who have never been hospitalised, the popular image of hospitals is a glamorous one, as portrayed on hit television shows like Casualty, Grey’s Anatomy and House. by Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management In…

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Medics operating.

A framework for drug development

'Science is not enough' for ensuring commercial success of new drugs, so a new journal article co-authored by Dr Nektarios (Aris) Oraiopoulos of Cambridge Judge outlines a framework to help pharma companies align better with end-customer priorities. In most industries,…

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Drug development.