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Centre for Science & Policy (CSaP)

Mirage News: ‘Threatening’ faces and beefy bodies do not bias criminal suspect identification, study finds

A detailed new study of identifying criminal suspects finds, to the authors’ surprise, no bias toward selecting people with threatening facial characteristics or muscular bodies. The study does find, however, that suspects with highly muscled, “threatening” bodies are most accurately…

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Look and build don’t create bias in identifying criminals

Threatening faces and beefy bodies do not bias criminal suspect identification, finds study co-authored at University of Cambridge. We're all familiar with the classic 'look' of a movie bad guy: peering through narrowing eyes with a sinister sneer (like countless…

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Is there systematic bias in identifying criminals?

The Conversation: Nudges: four reasons to doubt popular technique to shape people’s behaviour

Magda Osman, Head of Research and Analysis at the Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge, writes about nudging techniques and why sometimes they don’t work. “Throughout the pandemic, many governments have had to rely on people doing the…

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Green economy?

It is 'wishful thinking' that the UK will benefit disproportionately from new environmentally oriented policies, most of which create few jobs, says Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Michael Pollitt New environmental initiatives geared toward offshore wind,…

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Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) announces the appointment of Dr Robert Doubleday as its new Executive Director

The University's Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) has appointed Dr Robert Doubleday - formerly its Head of Research - as the new Executive Director Formed in 2009 to build on the work of the Cambridge University Government Policy Programme,…

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Building bridges at CSaP (Centre for Science and Policy)

Dr Chris Tyler is the new Executive Director of CSaP (Centre for Science and Policy), a new policy centre based at Cambridge Judge Business School. Their seminars, policy placements, fellows and workshops will bring together leading academic strategists and those…

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