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CEO pay

Quartz: Male CEOs get paid more when they have deep, “manly” voices

Coverage of a study on the link between voice and CEO pay co-authored by Waqas Haque, MPhil in Innovation, Strategy and Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School (MPhil 2014), in Quartz. The study is based on CEO pay at UK…

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Moderating biases

Female representation on compensation committees reduces bias toward deep masculine voices in CEO pay, finds study in the Journal of Management Studies co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School alumnus Waqas Haque. Highlighting the importance of gender differences in the board…

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Businesswoman discussing with colleagues who are sitting at a table in a boardroom. She is showcasing information to them.

Executive pay survey

New research by Professor Raghavendra Rau of Cambridge Judge looks at CEO compensation theory and practice, drawing on academic literature over many decades. The level of executive (CEO) pay is frequently in the headlines, as shareholders have revolted against salary…

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“Because everyone else was doing it.”

by Dr Hui (Frank) Xu, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance After the 2008 financial crisis, a Wall Street executive gives a seminar at a university. At the Q&A session, a student in…

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Terrorism and CEO pay

CEOs at firms near terrorist attacks earn 8.8 per cent "compensation premium" over CEOs employed far from attacks, finds new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Chief executives employed at companies near terrorist attacks earn an 8.8 per cent…

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Financial Times: How to spot companies at risk of earnings manipulation

Dr Jenny Chu, University Lecturer in Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on her new study on corporate earnings manipulation. The study says the power of a company’s CEO plays a role in the likelihood of earnings manipulation linked…

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The Wall Street Journal: The morning risk report: CEO-employee pay ratio disclosure no panacea

In an article about US companies disclosing the ratio of a CEO’s compensation package to that of an average employee, Dr Jenny Chu notes that instead of disclosing a simple ratio, the final disclosure policy relates only to changes in…

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‘Form over substance’ in new UK company reporting rules?

New UK disclosure rules did not curb CEO pay or improve pay-performance link, but instead led to "opportunistic reporting" for reputation management, finds study by Cambridge Judge Business School and King's College London. The first year of new UK disclosure rules…

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