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CEO media coverage

For firm valuation, more news (good and bad) about CEOs is good news. More news about a company's chief executive - positive and not - is good news when it comes to the firm's valuation, according to a study at…

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Adi Sehgal, Senior Vice President East Asia at Reckitt Benckiser

An Indian living and working in Beijing, Aditya Sehgal says there are some unique aspects to dealing with the Chinese market, where partnership, rather than competition, is key. I'm not the most natural of leaders. I wasn't drawn to being…

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Compensation consultants lead to higher CEO pay

Consultants a 'justification device' for higher executive pay, says study at Cambridge Judge Business School. A study of more than 1,000 US companies over six years finds “strong empirical evidence” that executive-pay consultants have been hired as a “justification device”…

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People Management: Is CEO pay is out of control

According to the research from Incomes Data Services (IDS), the average FTSE 100 CEO earns 120 times more than the average full-time employee. Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge Business School, shares his insights…

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Christoph Mueller, CEO of Aer Lingus

In the words of his chairman, Mueller has transformed Aer Lingus into "a strong, consistently profitable airline with a clear strategic direction". So what's his secret? Helping to turn around businesses in trouble excites me as a leader. Many people…

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Cambridge News: Do bosses benefit from disasters?

The research co-authored by Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance, shows that CEOs who experienced a number of moderate disasters in childhood actually had a greater appetite for risk taking than those who had experienced none.

Read more Research shows the behaviour of business leaders could be directly linked to their experiences in childhood

The new research suggests that experiencing a natural disaster at first hand during your early childhood can have a profound impact on your strategic and tactical decisions in later life. Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at…

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Christoph Loch’s blog: Culture clash: what a CEO’s style says about their business

Corporate culture, underneath its visible processes, artifacts and value statements, is linked to what motivates the employees and defines their social contracts - among themselves and with the organisation. Therefore, culture has a strong emotional component expressing what people find…

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Why a disaster may not be disastrous

Research shows that the behaviour of business leaders could be directly linked to their experiences in childhood. What makes a great leader? Effectiveness? Experience? Volcanoes? It might seem unlikely, but new research from a team of academics, including Raghavendra Rau,…

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Education Times: Are CEOs underpaid?

A large body of research, and many politicians and leaders, argue that executive compensation is excessive. But, without a measure of their perceived contribution to shareholder value, a true assessment is difficult. Research by Dr Bang Dang Nguyen into CEO…

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