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Education Times: Are CEOs underpaid?

A large body of research, and many politicians and leaders, argue that executive compensation is excessive. But, without a measure of their perceived contribution to shareholder value, a true assessment is difficult. Research by Dr Bang Dang Nguyen into CEO…

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Yahoo! News Spain: How sudden death of CEO impacts company’s stock market

The report links the stock market reaction to executive pay, calculating gain or loss if the value of the firms after a death may be related to whether those managers charged in excess or below what I deserved. On research…

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CEO sudden death research answers vexed question of top executives’ pay

All sides on the debate into top executives' pay have usually found common ground on just one thing - that there is no empirical way of telling if a CEO is overpaid or not. Now two academics claim they can…

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Financial World: A question of style

My own organisation is of this type and the art is to channel initiatives into high-energy directions, without imposing formal goals from the top. Dean Christoph Loch on what makes a good CEO, for Financial World magazine. Read the full article (subscription…

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Six reasons why … star performers are bad for the bottom line

Everyone - shareholders, board members, even colleagues - loves a star performer. But how many deliver on the top hire promise? CJBS faculty Dr Jenny Chu, Dr Pedro Saffi and Professor Raghavendra Rau investigate why top names can actually have…

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2014 features focusonstarperformer

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

They graduate from the same universities, support the same charities and are members of the same clubs, but does the fact that company directors and CEOs share the same social networks damage corporate governance? Innovative research from Cambridge suggests it…

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2012 features itswhoyouknow

CEOs are overpaid

Overconfident, highly incentivised chief executives fall short of shareholder expectations, a new study reveals Research by Cambridge Judge Business School has found that the performance of CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) falls short of shareholder expectations. Raghavendra Rau, the Rothschild Professor…

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Good CEOs are underpaid!

Too many CEOs are paid too little not too much - research in the United States has lessons for the UK too Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, Cambridge Judge Business School Lecturer in Finance, says his research among top CEOs in…

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Cerebral energetic officer – do leaders matter?

The recent election of Barack Obama raises the question: can a single individual make a difference to how a large group such as a nation thinks and acts in the long term? Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian…

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