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change management

Wrenching changes

Workers often only 'pretend' to comply with the introduction of new technology. This can backfire on them badly, says a new study led at Cambridge Judge Business School. The introduction of new technology often sparks tensions at the workplace. Rather…

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Shocked workers as they realise things backfired.

Tradition, technology and culture change

The University of Cambridge is immersed in over 800 years of rich history. Cambridge scholars pioneered new interpretations of scripture, identified the building blocks of life, the origins of the universe and the origins of man. They invented the computer…

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Freeze-Assess-Rebuild: how businesses can navigate the coronavirus “fog of war”

A three-part policy of Freeze-Assess-Rebuild can help businesses navigate the uncertain 'fog of war' posed by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, says Dr Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Thomas Roulet Societies are rightly proud of their resilience. Londoners…

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The corporate pivot: radical change in times of crisis

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis underlines need for firms to quickly ‘pivot’, Professor Paul Tracey of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation. Many entrepreneurs need to pivot – make radical changes to their business model – because their initial ideas fail to…

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Pivoting successfully

New ventures need to 'pivot' gracefully to avoid alienating their initial user community, says a new study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge Business School. Like athletes, companies "pivot" in adapting to changing circumstances. But while a bad…

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Lifting, not drifting

'Mission drift' need not be negative and can help an organisation widen its initial focus productively, Dr Matthew Grimes of Cambridge Judge Business School argues in an article in financial magazine Barron's. Dr Matthew Grimes The term "mission drift" may…

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The key to managing transition: lessons from Twickenham

What are the keys to managing transition within an organisation? At a lunchtime seminar between the men's and women's Varsity rugby matches at Twickenham on 6 December, Dr Allègre Hadida of Cambridge Judge Business School outlined how the mission, vision…

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Five key lessons on sport and business

Cambridge Judge Business School academics share their thoughts in advance of the big Varsity rugby matches between Cambridge and Oxford at Twickenham. Nick Koster (Social Innovation 2017), CURFC Captain at the Varsity Match 2018. Business and sport have much in…

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Change management in SMEs

Communication skills in small and medium sized businesses are essential to navigate turbulent environments, according to a new study from a Cambridge Judge academic. Managing change in an SME is no small undertaking – but it's one that (in contrast…

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Middle managers matter

Change initiated by middle managers rather than top managers wins greater employee support, says new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Organisational change initiated by middle managers engenders higher employee support than change launched by top management, and particularly…

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