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Chris Coleridge

Startups Magazine: Programme for startups looking to make an impact on CO2e emissions

Carbon13, a venture builder for the climate emergency, that supports startups geared at reducing CO2e emissions by2025, is launching a programme for startups and looking for applicants. Co-founder and CEO of Carbon13 Chris Coleridge, who is also Senior Faculty in…

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Online alumni festival

Eight faculty members from Cambridge Judge Business School to present at the 30th Alumni Festival of the University of Cambridge 17-26 September. Eight members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty will discuss topics ranging from racial inequality to sustainability…

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Alumni festival.


Local business and health solutions are winners in #CamvsCovid hackathon organised by MPhil in Technology Policy students. Entries focusing on local shops, the virtual shopping experience and remote health diagnostics were the winners of the #CamvsCovid: 72-hour virtual hackathon to seek…

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Cambridge Independent: ‘Zoom could be the MySpace not the Facebook of history’, says Cambridge Judge senior faculty

Dr Chris Coleridge, Senior Faculty in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on remote working and collaboration through Zoom. “Working from home gives some people a greater sense of reality or sense of control over how they organise…

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Trust in the Desert of Zoom

Building the trust needed for innovation and collaboration through Zoom with those we’ve never met in person, by Dr Chris Coleridge. The world needs its innovators and innovation capabilities more than ever.  But innovation has always been a "contact sport" - it originates in…

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The gig economy (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

From Uber to Deliveroo, the 'gig economy' is increasingly visible. But with flexibility for workers comes uncertainty, so what is the future of the gig economy including the role of government? L-R: Dr Chris Coleridge, Dr Belinda Bell, Dr Thomas…

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Innovation ecosystems (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Innovation ecosystems – networks and places to exchange ideas – are helping to unlock value through collaboration across industries. L-R: Professor Shahzad Ansari, Belinda Bell, Dr Chris Coleridge and Michael Kitson In this episode, joining podcast host Michael Kitson, University…

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Time management

A new book by Cambridge Judge alumnus, on how to spend time efficiently and happily, becomes the number one top seller in Amazon's Business Time Management Skills category in the UK. James Wallman (PGDE 2017) A new book about making…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: How to be an ‘intrapreneur’

Dr Chris Coleridge, Senior Faculty in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge’s Entrepreneurship Centre, says that successful entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to start their own businesses, but could also use their skills to revitalise the companies they work for: “Seeing an…

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The Guardian: Can you learn to be an entrepreneur?

Dr Chris Coleridge, Senior Faculty in Management Practice and Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge, comments on entrepreneurship courses and why it’s important for students to be flexible. “You cannot be too wedded to your idea,”…

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