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Christian Hampel

Impact and engagement at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and Cambridge Social Ventures

Each of our research centres has unique ways to engage with non-academic organisations and, through that, to generate real world impact. Dr Belinda Bell This month we decided to share with you the work of the Cambridge Centre for Social…

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Neil Stott.

Pivoting successfully

New ventures need to 'pivot' gracefully to avoid alienating their initial user community, says a new study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge Business School. Like athletes, companies "pivot" in adapting to changing circumstances. But while a bad…

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The Conversation: Uber lessons from Thomas Cook?

The Victorian story of the Thomas Cook travel agency holds parallels for modern-day disruptive companies such as Uber, writes Christian Hampel, a PhD student at Cambridge Judge Business School. “Like Cook, Uber could try to be more collaborative, too; to…

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