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clothing industry

Enterprising alternatives to fast fashion through sustainability

Something new for the office party? Five tips for building a sustainable fashion business from startups supported by Cambridge Social Ventures at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Christmas party season is in full swing, and with the mince pies and…

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Ethical clothing made sustainably.

Forbes: This fashion brand lets you know exactly who made your clothes

An interview with Jo Salter, founder of the social venture Where Does It Come From? The startup creates high-quality, ethically made clothes that come with their life story. “We have three main social/environmental goals – to create employment and support…

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Canadian Inquirer: Small firms thrive as customers seek more unique clothing

Professor Jaideep Prabhu says the success of companies like Welsh clothing firm Hiut comes from promoting their small size and individuality: “It’s a different kind of manufacturing. These are very cool little boutiques.” He says there’s a shift away from…

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Want to avoid another Rana Plaza? Pay more for your clothes

On the anniversary of the collapse of Bangladeshi garment factory Rana Plaza, in which 1,129 people died, Dr Kamal Munir says the West needs to re-think its addiction to cheap clothing - and the East its attitude to regulation. In…

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