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Implementation key

Strategy can be translated into action through a 'cascading' process that requires collaboration in problem solving and communication, says an article co-authored by Professor Christoph Loch and Professor Stelios Kavadias of Cambridge Judge. Professor Christoph Loch Effective strategy execution isn't…

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Shot through glass of a group of people in a business meeting at a creative office.

Top case study

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) teaching case study named among The Case Centre top-15 Classic Cases in the category Knowledge, Information & Communication Systems Management. On 29 January, The Case Centre announced its best-selling cases for the past year and…

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Michael Barrett.

Forbes: How to convince people to take the Covid-19 vaccine? A lesson in leadership communication

Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how good communication can convince people to have the Covid-19 vaccination. “While most governments seem confident that distributing the vaccine will be enough to bring…

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Financial Times: ‘Woodford protégé’ finds he needs to update CV

Suggestions on how to improve video conferencing whil working from home by Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School, included in the FT article. Tips include: limit the number of people on your call, provide…

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Better video chat

Six ways to improve video conferencing interactions for you and your team, by Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School. Human beings are surprisingly good at drawing inferences from the behaviour of others, even based…

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A bit fuzzy

Vague versus specific: when it comes to communicating with direct reports, senior leaders shouldn't always seek greater specificity, says Dr Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat of Cambridge Judge Business School. Conventional wisdom holds that communication within an organisation works best when there is…

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A bit fuzzy.