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Conrad Chua

Bringing solar power to India

CEO of Orb Energy, Damian Miller talks about his mission to bring clean solar energy to developing countries. Join podcast series host Conrad Chua, Executive Director of the Cambridge MBA as we bring you a series of interviews with students,…

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Find MBA: How business education will change in 2020 and beyond

Conrad Chua, Executive Director of the MBA programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, shares his predictions for 2020 and beyond. Although online programmes are getting more traction, Conrad doesn’t believe that remote learning will quickly replace the face-to-face experience: “There…

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A career journey in healthcare: using an MBA to find your career ‘sweet spot’

Dr Ritika Dave talks about asking the right questions and having an analytical and open mind in the healthcare industry. Transitioning from a career in medicine and research to consulting and now managing a global pharma portfolio, Dr Dave has…

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Female leadership: balancing your compass across the broadcast landscape

We join Kate Wendelboe (MBA 2011) as she shares a career journey in broadcasting and beyond, as well as her experience of women in leadership and mentoring programmes across this ever-changing sector. "I started my career in marketing, working for…

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Hot Pickle and other experiences – a start-up story

Lifting the lid on the 'Hot Pickle' success story and the two MBAs who started their journey over a decade ago when they met in Cambridge and first formed their business. Rupert Pick and Patrick Hammond formed their successful marketing…

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Non-tech in a tech world – how an MBA can take you there

Are you a non-techie who has gazed enviously at the big tech companies thinking there is no place for you in that world? Think again. As these rapidly growing global organisations get larger and more complex they need droves of…

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Full Fabric Blog: My job in Higher Ed with Conrad Kheng Hwa Chua, Executive Director of the Cambridge MBA

Conrad Chua, Executive Director of the Cambridge MBA programme talks to higher education sector forum and CRM platform Full Fabric about how to create a rich intellectual environment whilst equipping students with the skills they need to be a success…

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Poets and Quants: Interview with Conrad Chua

In an interview for Poets and Quants, Conrad Chua, Executive Director of the MBA Programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks about the Cambridge MBA programme, how it is different from other MBA programmes, and what students like the most…

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Business Because: Boston Consulting Group, Bain, McKinsey are boosting b-school recruitment

Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey have boosted the numbers in MBAs hiring last year, writes Seb Murray in Business Because. Conrad Chua, Head of MBA Careers at Cambridge Judge Business School, said solid recruitment in consulting should continue…

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Business Because: Booming MBA job market lifted by consulting and technology companies

A survey of 92 business schools shows positive signs for MBA job market. More than half of respondents in the survey said there was an increase in on-campus and off-campus jobs. The majority of jobs were in consultancy, technology and…

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