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consumer behaviour

How changing small individual actions can make a big difference to global warming

Behavioural nudges can make a big difference to battling climate change, says Cass R Sunstein, a Harvard professor and Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School. How can behavioural “nudges” to individuals change people’s decisions relating to climate change, and can…

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Professor Cass R Sunstein.

Why timing affects pay-what-you-want amounts

People pay more under pay-what-you-want systems when they pay afterwards if the product or service is highly valued, says study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Vincent Mak Pay-what-you-want models have been tried – with mixed success – for…

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When do people pay more when using pay-what-you-want systems?

Why affordability is not enough in attracting poorer customers

People at the 'Bottom of the Pyramid' seek products and services that are ‘aspirational’ and not only low-cost, says article in Stanford Social Innovation Review co-authored by Professor Jaideep Prabhu of Cambridge Judge. Professor Jaideep Prabhu Firms seeking customers in…

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Girl stands outside a clothes shop and looks at the outfits through the window.

Messaging on healthy foods may not prompt healthier purchases finds Cambridge study

Healthy food cues standing alone don’t prompt healthier buying decisions, but they may counter advertising for sugary and fatty foods, says study co-authored by Lucia Reisch of Cambridge Judge Business School. People making food-buying choices are often faced with adverts…

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Messaging on healthy foods may not prompt healthier purchases.

Watching our waste

Supermarkets and consumers can both change their behaviour to reduce food waste, says Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. Consumer expectation of cheap food and retailers' fear of losing sales has created a "race to the bottom" that…

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Wasted food in a bin liner.

The Economic Times India: Degrowth will accelerate as consumers change- companies should adapt now

Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on consumerism. Thomas says there are “clear trends showing how consumers in the West are now driving degrowth.” (subs) Read the full article []…

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Why the world needs ethical leadership

In 2020 providing for shareholders isn’t enough. Ethical leadership that focuses on the planet and society is in high demand. Dr Simon Learmount Ethical leadership should be on the lips of any business leader today. In 2020 if you’re business…

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WIRED: How Brexit prepared supermarkets for our coronavirus stockpiling

Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments about the behaviour of people during pandemic. Stockpiling of food products such as canned vegetables makes sense Dr Roulet says, but it is difficult to…

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This is why I let my customers run my business

Think businesses provide and consumers consume? Think again. In today's world, your customers can be part of the whole journey. What do a Mongolian stir-fry restaurant, a discount broker and a lab specialising in home-test kits have in common? They're…

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Marketwatch: Is social media the new court of law for fashion copycats?

When Kylie Jenner announced the launch of her new clothing collection on Instagram some people thought the designs looked familiar. In fact, Tizita Balemlay, creative designer of New York-based brand Plugged NYC, alleges that the clothes are a direct copy…

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