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The EMBAs teaching the art of life or death decision making

Leading on the Frontline founders and Cambridge Judge Business School graduates tell of the trials and successes of setting up a new venture while undertaking their degree and working full-time. The word 'frontline' has never been more prominent. Throughout the…

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Bahrain News Gazette: Youth Minister, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School discuss cooperation

Bahrain Youth and Sports Affairs Minister, Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed (MBA 2008), held a meeting with Professor Mauro Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School, to discuss cooperation in the youth field and ways for Bahrain to benefit from the university’s…

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The Conversation: How to express yourself if you want others to cooperate with you – new research

New research, published in Rationality and Society and co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School, sheds some light on the best way to get people to cooperate in creating dramatic social or environmental changes. Collective action, however, can involve social dilemmas.…

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Project acceleration

Even with proper planning in product development, keeping projects on track is a challenge because project workers have private information about the real progress, which they do not always want to share. Cooperation and 'psychological safety' as important as planning,…

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