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corporate culture

The Irish Times: How to ensure your company is not stuck in the past

A study co-authored by Dr Yeun Joon Kim, University Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge, is featured in the article. The study found that leaders often transfer culture from their previous job and this can affect their decisions…

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Stuck in the past

New CEOs and other leaders transfer culture from their previous jobs and this can 'blindside' them into proposing obsolete solutions to new problems, says a study authored at Cambridge Judge Business School, published in the Academy of Management Journal. In…

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Five insights on building a strong brand

Every company knows the value of a strong brand, but firms often think too narrowly by thinking of branding as only a marketing exercise. Dr Eden Yin Dr Eden Yin, University Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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Lifting, not drifting

'Mission drift' need not be negative and can help an organisation widen its initial focus productively, Dr Matthew Grimes of Cambridge Judge Business School argues in an article in financial magazine Barron's. Dr Matthew Grimes The term "mission drift" may…

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Inverse: Don’t get along with your new boss? Here’s the most likely reason why

CEOS often implement inefficient office cultures by relying too much on their past experiences, according to a study co-authored by Dr Yeun Joon Kim, University Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School. “This is actually really prevalent.…

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Puncturing the headquarters myth

Study by Cambridge Judge Business School's Yasemin Kor and Niklas Lindlbauer finds that on-the-ground actors at dispersed business units, rather than corporate headquarters, often drive critical resource-allocation decisions. One of the most critical tasks of any large company is the…

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Organisational culture and ethics

Moral identity plays a role in achieving ethical organisational culture, as discussed by Dr Eric Levy of Cambridge Judge in an essay for a Financial Conduct Authority paper. Dr Eric Levy Dr Eric Levy, University Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge…

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2018 Brainfood: Organisational culture ethics.

Speaking up in Chinese companies

Chinese culture usually avoids conflict, but speaking up following the failure of new product development can help future projects and yield valuable workplace lessons, says new study co-authored by Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge Business School. In China,…

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Culture vs systems: who’s the winner?

Think a new, shiny system will solve your organisation's problems? Think again, says Dr Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Reader in Management Studies. Ever wondered why "the way we do things round here" so readily reasserts itself in the face of planned…

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Mark de Rond wins Research Impact Award

Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge is honoured with the School’s Research Impact Award for how his work on high-performing teams impacted other organisations. Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, has been honoured…

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