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Voting for socially responsible corporate policies

Voting for socially responsible corporate policies

by Professor Adam Meirowitz, David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, Dr Shaoting Pi, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance, University of Cambridge, and Dr Matthew C. Ringgenberg, David Eccles School of…

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Rear view of business team raising their hands for a vote during a seminar.

Executive Courses: Executive education helps leaders navigate the virtual world of work

As the pandemic continues to evolve, the fate of the workplace remains uncertain. There are strong arguments on both sides in favour of remote and office-based models; many organisations appear to be planning for hybrid working. “Traditionally, some managers frowned…

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Dynamic group decision making of private firms

by Dr Shiqi Chen, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance Unlike what is often assumed in the standard corporate finance literature that firms are often governed by a single representative agent on behalf…

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Silhouette of three business people negotiating at a meeting table.

Board reform

Improving board effectiveness requires a focus on the relationship aspect of boards as well as their structure, says a new book by Dr Philip Stiles of Cambridge Judge. Dr Philip Stiles Discussion about boards of directors has often centred on…

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A female executive presents to a group of board members.

Shareholder collaboration on corporate governance

by Dr Shaoting Pi, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance Activist shareholders, who exert a large influence on firms' policies, typically only own small stakes and frequently interact with fellow shareholders of target…

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New board role for Cambridge EMBA alumna

Executive MBA (EMBA) alumna Dr Bola Grace reflects on her appointment to the board of Levin Sources, in the minerals sector. She explains how her education and career so far have led her to the role, offering advice to other…

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Dr Bola Grace.

DNYUZ: After claiming to care about more than profit, corporate America still hasn’t found its soul

Mamza Mudassir, Fellow in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about corporate accountability in US companies. “Corporate accountability can be a tricky thing to get right. Despite their elite statuses and high-compensation levels, most CEOs and top managers operate…

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Deeper measurement

Outcome and impacts are key for environmental, social and governance issues, Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville of Cambridge Judge says in Harvard Business Review article. Companies need to do a better job of measuring outcomes and impacts related to environmental, social and…

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Harvard Business Review: ESG impact is hard to measure – but it’s not impossible

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about better measurement of environmental, social and governance issues. “Robust ESG and impact measures can help us keep score, and, when necessary, make course corrections. Ultimately, however,…

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Corporate wrongdoing

Management research can prove relevance by studying corporate corruption during economic downturn, says new study co-authored by Professor Shaz Ansari. Economic downturns often expose wrongdoing, so the coronavirus era presents a ripe opportunity for management research to prove its relevance…

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