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corporate social responsiblity (CSR)

Greening business – the sustainability challenge

Fires, droughts, floods and Greta Thunberg - sustainability has never been so much at the forefront for global business. What are the trends to look out for? CJBS faculty, MBA alumni and a current MBA candidate give us their thoughts.…

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Why the world needs ethical leadership

In 2020 providing for shareholders isn’t enough. Ethical leadership that focuses on the planet and society is in high demand. Dr Simon Learmount Ethical leadership should be on the lips of any business leader today. In 2020 if you’re business…

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Social enterprises

Government public procurement legislation should ‘explicitly ensure’ that calls for tender favour enterprises that pursue social and environmental goals, says new report issued at World Economic Forum in Davos co-authored by Dr Helen Haugh of Cambridge Judge Business School.…

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Narcissism and downsizing

Narcissism can help liberal-leaning CEOs in pushing corporate social responsibility, but it doesn't help conservative CEOs translate their ideology into downsizing, says a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Narcissism (as in arrogance and entitlement) and extraversion (as…

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A new model for corporate social responsibility

Your business's CSR activity must adapt to the market you're in, new research reveals. In 2017, any company worth its salt has some kind of corporate social responsibility programme. But what CSR looks like – and how important it is…

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Why doing the right thing can pay dividends

Sophi Tranchell's leadership of Divine Chocolate is a sweet victory for integrity, inspiration and belief. Always be plausible and believe in what you are doing. I am a third generation social campaigner but I make money as well. My parents…

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Five reasons why… corporates get environmental CSR communications wrong

Publicising environmental CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives can boost a company's reputation, but get it wrong and the accusations of "greenwash" could stick. Cambridge Judge Business School delivers the five principles companies should apply to communications about environmental CSR to…

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Publicise CSR carefully to avoid accusations of ‘greenwashing’

Companies publicising their corporate social responsibility (CSR) achievements risk being accused of 'greenwashing' by claiming that their polices and products are environmentally friendly. Pan-European research by a group of acknowledged experts including Dr Stelios Zyglidopoulos, University Lecturer in Strategy at…

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Cambridge News: ‘Fruitful’ networking event ripe for discussion

Can companies achieve business advantages through corporate social responsibility? How nerve-wracking is it to speed-date the business and charitable sector… Speakers included Andy Brown, head of sustainability at Anglian Water; Dr Lynn Morgan, chief executive of Arthur Rank Hospice Charity…

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What price the CSR budget?

Even Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets need to show a return. Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise at Cambridge Judge Business School, and Ardi Kolah of 'Guru in a Bottle', have launched a ground breaking new study…

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