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COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Accelerated transformation

Companies need to accelerate digital transformation in emerging from pandemic crisis, says Gavin Patterson of Salesforce, in an interview with Cambridge Judge Dean Christoph Loch. Companies need to accelerate their digital transformation in emerging from the coronavirus crisis or they…

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Digital transformation.

Philanthropic tie-ups

Pandemic will have 'profound' impact on philanthropy through greater collaboration, Bill Gates says in interview with Badr Jafar, founding patron of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge Judge Business School. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis will have a "profound" impact…

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Badr Jafar and Bill Gates.

China Daily: Unified effort will be crucial to recovery

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about post COVID-19 economic recovery. “Both Europe and China have strong and complementary capabilities in embedding digital technology in machinery and infrastructure, making this a fruitful area…

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Personall & ledarskap: This is how the organisational culture is kept alive during the pandemic

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School discusses organisational culture when working from home. Jennifer thinks that “it can take a long time before office workers are seen in the coffee room again and reminds…

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Harvard Business Review: How to (actually) save time when you’re working remotely

Dr Jochen Menges, University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-authored an article suggesting few strategies on how to save time when working from home. “Around the world, shifting to remote work could save billions of hours…

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A smoother transition

Ten considerations to engage people and communities in the transition phase from government measures to combat COVID-19 from Professor Sunita Sah. An article entitled, "Ten considerations for effectively managing the COVID-19 transition" in the journal Nature Human Behaviour co-authored by…

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Aerial view of the beach divided in squares for social distancing.

Icebergs and elbows

How key workers go unrecognised but are the hidden part that holds up an "iceberg". The coronavirus pandemic has expanded the common perception of who is a "key" worker to include not only doctors and pharmacists but also, cleaners, janitors and other unsung…

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Cleaner service team cleaning floors and walls in office or hospital corridor - cartoon people in uniform using equipment to clean up in business building.

Shanghai Daily: Worrying signs of knee-jerk reaction to COVID-19

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses on how deglobalisation and nationalism will hurt supply chains and innovation that are critical to fighting the coronavirus pandemic. “There are worrying signs of a knee-jerk reaction…

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Bloomberg: Biometric tracking can ensure billions have immunity against Covid-19

A feature about Simprints startup, supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme at Cambridge Judge Business School. The startup has developed a fingerprint scanner allowing health care workers in developing regions to access patients’ digital records. Co-founder Toby Norman, who studied…

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Healthcare Newsdesk: One in four UK adults’ mental health impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, study says

According to a study, one in four UK adults’ mental health has been negatively impacted by coronavirus pandemic. The study was co-authored by Lambert Zixin Li of Stanford University, who holds an MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation from Cambridge…

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