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COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Post pandemic change for ballet companies

Pandemic offers a unique opportunity for ballet companies to innovate, says paper by Megan Jones, an Executive MBA graduate of Cambridge Judge. Megan Jones Cultural and creative sectors were some of the worst affected by the pandemic, and of those,…

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Close up of three ballerina's feet in ballet shoes.

Scratching the surface

Meal kit company Gousto, founded by Cambridge Judge Business School alumnus, reaches 'unicorn' $1bn valuation and says the boom in online food will continue after the pandemic. Timo Boldt Founded by Timo Boldt, an alumus of the Executive MBA programme…

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A kitchen counter with a freshly opened Gousto meal box on top.

The Indian Express: No reason to believe any state will escape Omicron wave – Cambridge professor who worked on India Covid-19 tracker

Professor Paul Kattuman, economist and applied econometrician at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on Omicron wave in India: “Patterns in the data suggest cases are now increasing super-exponentially and the brunt of the current wave fuelled by Omicron will fall…

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Financial Times: MBA professors under pressure to show business relevance

Mauro Guillén, dean of Cambridge Judge Business School, says academic institutions compete fiercely to hire the next generation of rising-star professors from the top PhD programmes. “Every year there’s a small number of superstars, and everyone wants them,” Guillén says.…

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The catalyst for a successful internship programme

The importance of internship programmes has certainly never been higher. The global pandemic has altered the employment landscape immeasurably both from the perspective of employers and candidates. by Sara Coupe, Internship Programme Manager & HR Lead, Cambridge Centre for Alternative…

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Five people sat around a table, having discussion.

Find MBA: Class of 2021 cement the power of MBAs to transform careers

Margaret O’Neill, Head of Careers at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on MBA careers during Covid-19 pandemic: “A number of students deferred their studies to see how the pandemic played out, and then gave up secure roles to take up…

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The Times of India: Despite vaccination coverage, Himachal Pradesh tops Covid spread in rural areas

Further press coverage for Covid-19 tracker system for India co-authored by Paul Kattuman, Professor of Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, in The Times of India. “Witnessing a steep rise in cases, Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh are projected to attain…

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Remote working mindset

Are people more productive and emotionally positive working remotely? A new study co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge Business School finds the answer may be in the mindset of employees. The coronavirus pandemic has sparked plenty of debate…

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Making the most of remote working in the great outdoors.

The Week: Current wave could bring about end of pandemic: Professor Paul Kattuman

An interview with Paul Kattuman, Professor of Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School), about Covid cases in India relating to a coronavirus tracker he co-created. When asked if India would return to normality by March, Paul said: “An optimistic assessment…

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BBC: Will workers continue to pay a price for flexibility?

Dr Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the democratisation of flexible work. “The democratisation of flexible work might make those who don’t go for this option stand out even more,” he says.…

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