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Intimate technologies for affective development

In her recent piece "Intimate technologies for affective development: how crowdfunding platforms commodify interpersonal connections" for Third World Quarterly, Dr Shonali Banerjee shares findings from her research with philanthropic crowdfunding platforms in India. Hailed by many as transformative fundraising tools for…

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Shonali Banerjee.

Global alternative finance

Benchmarking study by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance provides worldwide perspective on the $300 billion-plus market. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) published the first benchmarking study (16 April) to provide a global perspective on the development of the…

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Community building

Civic crowdfunding platforms can be valuable during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, says Dr Matthew Grimes, Reader in Organisational Theory and Information Systems. As the COVID-19 epidemic is forcing people all over the world to work from home and to connect…

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Platforms for the people

Civic crowdfunding now finances civic infrastructure, but these platforms must navigate tension between growth and their social mission, says a study co-authored by Dr Matthew Grimes of Cambridge Judge Business School. The advent of alternative finance has created opportunities for…

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Regulatory momentum

Global regulation of online alternative finance will increase over the next two years, says fintech research by the World Bank and the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance. A regulatory and legislative boom is underway in the online alternative finance space,…

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Business Computing World: Five reasons for crowdfunding over the coming months

The article looks at reasons why businesses should choose crowdfunding in the UK this year. According to research from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge, the UK is “leading the way when it comes to crowdfunding and…

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Business Leader: Why 2019 is the year you should crowdfund

Businesses should start thinking about crowdfunding this year, suggests Barney Cotton in Business Leader, and the United Kingdom is probably one of the best places for this. According to a report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the UK…

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5th UK Alternative Finance Report

The UK online alternative finance market volume grew by 35 per cent in 2017, to £6.2 billion (from £4.6 billion in 2016), as peer-to-peer business lending became an increasingly important part of overall financing of smaller British businesses, according to…

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Business Leader: SyndicateRoom founder talks investment

Goncalo de Vasconcelos, founder of the equity crowdfunding business The SyndicateRoom and MBA alumnus at Cambridge Judge Business School (MBA 2008), talks about his venture and offers advice to future entrepreneurs. “Don’t take too much risk and don’t put your…

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Finextra: Robo.Cash opens for business in Switzerland

An article about alternative lending platform Robo.Cash that is now open for investors in Switzerland features a report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. The 3rd European Alternative Finance Industry Benchmarking Report found that the online crowdfunding market in…

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