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Daniel Ralph

Impactful research

Khaled Soufani and Daniel Ralph of Cambridge Judge Business School are honoured with the School's 2020 Sandra Dawson Research Impact Award. Dr Khaled Soufani and Professor Daniel Ralph of Cambridge Judge Business School have been named winners of the 2020…

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Cambridge Judge Business School.

Asia Insurance Post: Global annual average cat losses rise almost eight times in 50 years

Higher insurance penetration usually speeds recovery from natural disasters, but not in the US due to a fragmented insurance market, says new report from the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School. "The report looks mostly at vulnerable…

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Levelling up

More equal societies can mitigate crisis risk, says keynote speaker at annual Risk Summit of the Centre for Risk Studies. Governments should act "more as an insurer" by seeking more equitable societies rather than simply responding to crises, the CEO…

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Assessing risk

New book Beyond Bad Apples looks at how organisations manage their risk culture, which is timely as firms examine their ethos on racial and gender issues. A new book entitled Beyond Bad Apples focuses on the role of organisations in managing…

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Financial Times: Is it safe? How to handle risks you cannot easily calculate

Dr Michelle Tuveson and Professor Danny Ralph of the Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School, comment on how the coronavirus crisis will change the way companies approach risk assessment. Professor Ralph said most businesses “didn’t think of stress…

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BBC Radio 4: The World This Weekend

Daniel Ralph, Professor of Operations Research and Academic Director of the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge, was interviewed for BBC Radio 4 about natural disasters and virus outbreaks in relation to the coronavirus outbreak in China. Professor Ralph…

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BBC Radio 4: World at One

Daniel Ralph, Professor of Operations Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, discussed global risks on the World at One programme. With a new virus spreading from China to other countries, what are the most likely and impactful risks we face…

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Enterprise value at risk

New report on risk management in consumer sectors is launched by the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School in collaboration with the Institute for Risk Management. A new model to assess six types of risk in the…

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Electrical risk

A new study on 'cyber-physical' attacks on London's electricity network examines the relationship between economic damage and the number of substations. In 2015, a "cyber-physical" attack (affecting sensors, computing and communications hardware/software) on the electricity distribution network in Ukraine led…

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Impact of cyber attacks continues to increase across the world: Global Risk Index 2019

The potential impact of cyber attacks on the economy of the world's largest cities has risen by nearly nine per cent in the last year, according to the 2019 update of the Global Risk Index from the Centre for Risk…

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