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Daniel Ralph

Cyber risks

The loss of sensitive information gets all the headlines, but lesser-known threats from cyber attacks also deserve attention, say risk experts at Cambridge Judge Business School conference. News headlines are full of reports about the privacy risks of hacking and…

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Bloomberg: Geopolitical and sovereign threats increase

Daniel Ralph, Professor of Operations Research and Academic Director of the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses increased geopolitical risk in 2017. He said geopolitical risk, including terrorism threats and sovereign defaults, are increasing in likelihood…

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Heightened risk ahead for the world

Report "Cambridge Global Risk Index 2017" released by the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge. The risk of major shocks to the global economy is increasing. The potential loss to the world's economic output is estimated at $1.17 trillion…

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A global risk outlook.

Cambridge TV: Cities at Risk

Professor Daniel Ralph, Director of the Centre for Risk Studies (CRS) at Cambridge Judge, discusses Lloyd’s City Risk Index 2015-2025 developed by the Centre. The Index encompasses 301 of the world’s leading cities, selected by economic, business and political importance.…

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Cities at risk

New model by Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies for Lloyd's says world cities face expected losses of $4.6 trillion in economic output over the next decade as a result of catastrophes. New techniques developed by the Cambridge Centre for Risk…

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5th Cambridge summit will take the pulse of big data risk

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies will host its annual Risk Summit on 23-24 June exploring global hot topics in risk management. The Pulse of Risk: From Big Data to Business Value is the theme for the conference, which is now…

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Putting a price on our future

Helping big businesses consider their impact on the environment is leading to a re-evaluation of activities to combine profitability with sustainability. How can businesses value and manage their dependencies and impacts on the natural world? How can banks be encouraged…

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Daniel Ralph.

My Science: Putting a price on our future

As sustainability moves up the agenda, the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) is linking Cambridge academics with international businesses to help their leaders make responsible decisions for the long-term. Professor Danny Ralph, Academic Director of the Centre…

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Professor Daniel Ralph: Welcome and introduction to the Centre for Risk Studies’ 3rd Annual Meeting

Professor Danny Ralph is a Founder and Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, Professor of Operations Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, and a Fellow of Churchill College.…

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