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David Reiner

Power Engineering International: Exit by utilities from EU CCS project ‘a matter of great concern’

In an interview with Power Engineering International, Dr David Reiner, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, gives his response to the announcement of the exit by utilities from the EU CCS project. Read the full…

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Sputnik News: Experts believe planned gas hub in Turkey may change its image in Europe

If a gas hub for Gazprom is created in Turkey, this may change Europeans' view of the country, say academics from the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at the University of Cambridge. Dr Chi-Kong Chyong, a Research Associate of the…

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Cambridge News: Geoengineering solutions to climate change must go hand in hand with cutting emissions, says Cambridge Judge lecturer

Cambridge News investigates what impact on climate change geoengineering solutions will bring. Dr David Reiner, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, said geoengineering needs to be looked at: We spend billions of pounds globally trying…

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New York Times: Testing the limits of European ambitions on emissions

The European Union has agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent from 1990 levels by 2030. But climate change experts question whether this will be enough to keep Europe on track. Dr David Reiner, University Senior Lecturer…

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Power Engineering International: Institute focuses on positive developments for CCS

The Global CCS Institute (GCCSI) has released a new report, The global status of CCS: 2014. The report says there was an increase of 50 per cent worldwide since 2011 in carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. Dr David Reiner,…

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Cambridge News: Cambridge University experts take on bureaucrats in Brussels over EU climate talks

The policy brief by Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge, says ‘more needs to be done to ensure an adequate, credible and durable carbon price, address carbon leakage and encourage other major emitters to act.’ Dr David…

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‘Nothing is being done’ to explicitly encourage emissions cut by China and America

EU 2030 climate plan a missed opportunity, say Cambridge energy academics. The 2030 framework on climate change and energy policy being debated at a European Union summit this week has a “glaring omission” by failing to link EU policy to…

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The Guardian: What businesses need to know about the latest climate science

Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership, in partnership with the European Climate Foundation, developed 13 reports that explain how climate change is expected to impact several industries, including agriculture, buildings, defense, transportation and energy ... The briefings, which were vetted…

Read more Carbon capture and storage struggling to be heard amidst growing public debate over fracking

Awareness of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology remains "persistently low" amongst the British public whereas knowledge of fracking is high and growing. These low levels of awareness about CCS could potentially undermine the UK's efforts to utilise the technology…

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Carbon Capture Journal: UK study finds CCS struggling to be heard

The UK Government has ring-fenced £1 billion of public funds for capital construction of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration projects and will be committing many millions more within the next year to support operating costs. Yet, despite CCS featuring…

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