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Shared governance – benefitting from a diverse range of stakeholders

Cambridge Judge Business School hosts this week a first annual Conference on Shared Governance, in conjunction with Stanford University. Professor Mauro Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge, explains why shared governance can help address issues ranging from climate change to inequality.…

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Shared governance – benefitting from a diverse range of stakeholders.

New York Times: Globalisation is over. The global culture wars have begun

A quarter-century ago, globalisation was a political, social and moral process. However, as scholars Mauro F. Guillén (Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School), Heather Berry and Arun S. Hendi reported in a study of international convergence, “Over the last half…

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Poets & Quants: Ukrainian B-school Prof – ‘The world should make sure that Russia fails’

Andrei Kirilenko, Finance Professor at Cambridge Judge Business School, speaks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine:  “The facts of this war are simple — it’s about values: freedom versus captivity, democracy versus authoritarianism, truth versus propaganda. The Russians are not…

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Has the US ‘lost’ China a second time?

The shift of US attitudes on China owes as much to American disappointments as it does to changes in China's behaviour, says Simon Taylor, Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice (Finance) at Cambridge Judge Business School. By Dr Simon Taylor…

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Many American and Chinese national flags together.