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Why company boards need a long-term view

Boards of directors need to take decisions today on ESG issues whose outcomes will be delivered long into the future, says Bina Mehta, chair of KPMG in the UK, in a video interview with the Dean of Cambridge Judge Business…

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Survival versus aspiration: CEOs and foreign adventure

CEOs who also serve as board chair are more risk-averse in foreign expansion, which has implications for corporate governance, says Dean Mauro Guillén in this blog post. by Professor Mauro F Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School Professor Mauro Guillén…

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Board reform

Improving board effectiveness requires a focus on the relationship aspect of boards as well as their structure, says a new book by Dr Philip Stiles of Cambridge Judge. Dr Philip Stiles Discussion about boards of directors has often centred on…

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A female executive presents to a group of board members.

Preoccupied firm directors

One-fifth of independent directors are 'distracted' each year by various issues, and this harms firm valuation, operating performance and M&A deal profitability, says new study by Professor Ronald W. Masulis, the Pembroke Visiting Scholar at Cambridge Judge Business School. Previous…

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Hiring directors – how to get it right

Good experience, or the right experience? Why it pays to be picky when picking your board, says new research from Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge. When you're looking for your next board member, it's easy to be dazzled by…

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