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economic crisis

Risk prevention

The average period between crises from 1700-1900 was 21 years, but since 1960 this has shrunk to just eight years. Investment opportunities totalling $3 trillion per year could reduce the probability of huge risks ranging from climate change to pandemics,…

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Predicting impact

A year after UK lockdown, the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies calls for probability-based scenario approach to forecasting crises due to unreliability of well-established models. The unreliability of well-established macroeconomic models at times of upheaval such as the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Disney’s pivot to streaming is a sign of severe COVID economic crisis still to come

Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and alumnus (MBA 2012) of Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how Disney's restructuring has made it more like Netflix than ever before. Hamza Mudassir Disney has announced a significant restructuring of its media and entertainment…

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Sohu: Slow post-pandemic recovery

"Under the raging epidemic, the supply, demand and confidence of the global market have been hit unprecedentedly, and the economic development situation is very different from the crises experienced in the past," says Dr Kamiar Mohaddes, University Senior Lecturer in…

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The Conversation: Disney’s pivot to streaming is a sign of severe COVID economic crisis still to come

Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and MBA alumnus at Cambridge Judge Business School writes an article about Disney's sharp pivot in to streaming amid the Covid-19 economic crisis. “Taking a step back, Disney’s urgency to change itself is a…

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Corporate wrongdoing

Management research can prove relevance by studying corporate corruption during economic downturn, says new study co-authored by Professor Shaz Ansari. Economic downturns often expose wrongdoing, so the coronavirus era presents a ripe opportunity for management research to prove its relevance…

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Slow recovery

Dr Kamiar Mohaddes says the pandemic's economic situation is 'really different' from past crises in that the combination of supply, demand, and confidence shocks is unprecedented, in a webinar for the What's Next? How to Survive and Thrive in a…

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Employers should cut hours not people

Calls for companies to reduce working hours instead of cutting jobs help mental health and to boost the economy after the pandemic. Research co-authored at the Centre for Business Research, Cambridge Judge Business School, calls for companies to reduce working hours instead of cutting jobs…

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It really is different this time

In the 2008/09 financial crisis, we thought we were living through historic times. barely a decade later we face another historic crisis, Dr Simon Taylor blogs. A crumb of comfort during the 2008/09 financial crisis was the thought that we…

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Newsweek: Iran faces fourth crisis in oil crash amid U.S. sanctions, coronavirus and protests

Dr Kamiar Mohaddes, University Senior Lecturer in Economics & Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments about the role of coronavirus, U.S. sanctions, and the slowdown in oil markets on the Iranian economy. Kamiar says that sanctions “have limited exports…

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