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economic performance

Quartz: What Dr. Martens’ IPO journey says about London’s financial future

Dr David Chambers, Invesco Reader in Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on post-Second World War economic growth in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. “European economies in general, including industry, had a boom period after World War II,”…

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Business Recorder: IMF’s conditionalities

Structural conditions imposed on developing countries by the International Monetary Fund undermine their “state capacity” for economic development, finds a study co-authored by Dr Bernhard Reinsberg, Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research, Cambridge Judge Business School. "Much previous…

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Challenging assumptions

Liberal UK economic policies since 1979 have not spurred growth, says report from the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School. Contrary to widespread assumption, the "sea-change" of liberal market economic policies introduced since 1979 has not boosted…

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The Autumn Statement: possibly good politics – but bad economics

University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics Michael Kitson dissects the UK Government's own assessment of its economic performance The Chancellor of Exchequer, George Osborne, presented his Autumn Statement to the baying and snarling cauldron of the Mother of Parliaments. It…

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Michael Kitson.