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economic recovery

Predicting impact

A year after UK lockdown, the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies calls for probability-based scenario approach to forecasting crises due to unreliability of well-established models. The unreliability of well-established macroeconomic models at times of upheaval such as the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Financial Times: The shifting fronts in the battle over EU trade policy

A study on global Covid-19 fiscal measures co-authored by Dr Kamiar Mohaddes, University Senior Lecturer in Economics & Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in the Financial Times. The study says that fiscal measures totaling $14 trillion around…

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Sohu: Slow post-pandemic recovery

"Under the raging epidemic, the supply, demand and confidence of the global market have been hit unprecedentedly, and the economic development situation is very different from the crises experienced in the past," says Dr Kamiar Mohaddes, University Senior Lecturer in…

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China Daily: Unified effort will be crucial to recovery

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about post COVID-19 economic recovery. “Both Europe and China have strong and complementary capabilities in embedding digital technology in machinery and infrastructure, making this a fruitful area…

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Four ways firms can prepare for post-coronavirus recovery

Four key insights can help companies better navigate the expected COVID-19 (coronavirus) recession and be poised for growth when the economy improves, Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and alumnus (MBA 2012) of Cambridge Judge Business School, writes in a…

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Deregulating Greece

A new book on the Greek financial crisis and beyond includes a chapter on market regulation and competition co-authored by Dr Christos Genakos of Cambridge Judge Business School. A new book about the Greek financial crisis includes a chapter on…

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It’s the economy, stupid

Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, considers the effectiveness of the economic policies of the three main parties to continue Britain's recovery. He warns of the dangers of a quick deficit cut, why the…

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Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University: Recovery or no recovery?

The inaugural conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) brought policy makers, chief theorists, Nobel Prize winners in their profession and historians of economic thought to one place to learn from one another. Joseph Stiglitz, Professor of Economics…

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